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a comprehensive T&M portfolio

Test automation and measurement automation solutions for engineers and research scientists, for industries that include automotive, semiconductor, electronics, wireless, mining, aerospace & defense, energy, rail & marine and a wide range of applications that cover machine vision, condition monitoring, electromagnetic test compliance, RF & 5G, hardware in the loop, circuit design, embedded systems, robotics, structural monitoring, manufacturing automation and many more. Visit YV’s applications page to see how you can benefit from our solutions.

We are the partner of Yotta Volt in sub-Saharan Africa and carry the entire product portfolio of National Instruments, Ettus Research and Digilent. Visit Yotta Volt to see the full range of solutions that we provide. As the exclusive Yotta Volt regional partner, we are the only authorized distributor of National Instruments in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal.


national instruments

NI combines core software functionality, such as integrated data analysis, extensive hardware integration, and highly productive development semantics, with highly specialized capabilities for target applications, such as LTE IP, asynchronous communications design, and automated test sequence management, and a commitment to your success through services and training to help you design and test the world around you faster, at a lower cost, and with higher quality.


By supporting a wide variety of development environments on an expansive portfolio of high-performance RF hardware, the USRP platform is the SDR platform of choice for thousands of engineers, scientists and students worldwide for algorithm development, exploration, prototyping and developing next-generation wireless technologies across a wide variety of applications.


Based in Pullman, Washington, Digilent designs, manufactures, and distributes its products on a worldwide basis. Since its founding in 2000, Digilent products can now be found in over 2000 universities in more than 70 countries throughout the world. National Instruments acquired Digilent in 2013 and operates Digilent as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Digilent is a key member of NI’s family of companies focused on engineering education.

GW Instek

Today GW Instek has more than 300 product items, ranging from oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, basic test & measurement instruments to video surveillance systems. GW Instek has also seen its present growth internationally. With headquarters located in Taipei, Taiwan, GW Instek has subsidiaries in mainland China, America, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, and India; its products are sold to more than 80 countries worldwide.